Services: Cosmetic Packaging:

Designs have been created for compacts,

lipstick, mascara and general containers.

Sourcing of standard or custom packaging is 


Total Quality Management Initiatives
                  These include:
.  Preparing companies for ISO 9001: 2000.
. Facilitating continual improvement programmes.
.  Setting-up process teams for problem solving.
.  Management of effectiveness improvement groups.
. Short to medium term interim management.

Many companies no longer have the time to fully research the available option of packaging components. Knowledge of the product development cycle enables us to properly select bottles, caps and closures, pumps, and many other parts that meet all aspects of the brief e.g taking into account the thread form of the caps in conjunction with that of the bottles. Quotation and samples are obtained, with the customer placing the eventual order against the specification  provided.
Technical Disputes
Occasionally,  clients need a reliable and experienced third party to mediate with disputes involving suppliers of packaging components whereby quality aspects are in question. This source is available and requires detailed analysis of available data and samples, then submission of a technical report to the client.
The Benefits                          
.Independent, confidential assistance and support whilst new projects are sensitive.
.Creative designs that can shadow other packs or be completely innovative.
.Focused attention to specific needs of the client, filler and the container manufacturer.
.Extensive technical and business expertise in bringing new products to market.
.Involvement can be extensive, or alternatively limited to the clients expectations.
.All services are offered on a fixed term retainer, or by daily / hourly rates.
.Through membership of the Plastic Consultancy Network, access is available to other experts used to 
providing solutions to plastics related problems.